• Rickard's Cardigan™

    We’ve carefully selected the seasonal spices of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove as an inspiration for our flavourful nod to fall. With a final hint of brown sugar, you’ll find this spiced lager as familiar as putting on your favourite cardigan. Pair it with braised ribs, sweet potato fries, or let it upstage dad’s famous turkey at the next family feast.

    Rickard’s Cardigan at a glance:

    An autumn spiced lager with cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and a hint of brown sugar
    Pairs well with braised ribs, sweet potato fries and turkey
    Alc/vol: 5.5%
    Available for a limited time only

    Sorry, Rickard’s Cardigan has come and gone with fall. But make sure to look out for our next seasonal.

  • Rickard's Oakhouse™

    Specially aged with lightly toasted oak, we’ve carefully crafted this festive seasonal to capture the warmth of an old, iron-stove Oakhouse. With subtle hints of vanilla and a deep amber hue, this rich winter lager is ideal alongside succulent stew or a piping hot roast. All you need now is plenty of firewood. And matches.

    Rickard’s Oakhouse at a glance:

    Winter seasonal crafted with lightly toasted oak
    Pairs well with stew, roast beef and bacon-wrapped scallops
    Alc/vol: 5.5%
    Available for a limited time only

    Sorry, we’ve closed up Rickard’s Oakhouse for the season. But make sure to check out our other seasonals.

  • Rickard's Shandy™

    This time-honoured beverage has been mouthwateringly crafted by combining Rickard’s premium lager with classic lemonade. With a taste as refreshing as a dive in the lake, and as lively as a patio party, it’s the perfect complement to your favourite summer moments. Pairs well with seasonal dishes like grilled salmon—just be sure to serve with great weather and even better friends.

    Rickard’s Shandy at a glance:

    Summer seasonal combining crisp lager with classic lemonade
    Pairs well with anything hot off the summer grill, including seafood
    Alc./vol: 4.5%
    Available for summer only

  • Rickard's Lederhosen™

    Inspired by the legendary beer halls of Germany, our brewers have crafted a strong Oktoberfest-style brew packed with plenty of oom-pah-pah. This dark amber lager has a smooth medium body and a striking hoppy finish. It goes perfectly with your next plate of Schweinsbraten, German Bratwurst or a warm pretzel with mustard. Just don't forget your tirolerhüte.

    Rickard’s Lederhosen at a glance:

    Strong, hoppy and goes great with German Bratwurst or a warm pretzel.
    Alc./vol.: 6.5%
    Available for Fall only

  • Rickard's Radler™

    It was in the German countryside of the 1920s that the first Radler was born. After a hoard of thirsty cyclists swarmed a quaint Bavarian pub, a quick thinking barkeep added citrus soda to his brew so he'd have enough drink to quench the crowd. The rest is well, history. Now, almost a century later, you can enjoy our light and crisp Radler after a long ride in the hot sun or a lazy afternoon in the shade. Sip and enjoy all summer long.

    Rickard’s Radler at a glance:

    Thirst quenching mix of our premium lager, juice, and natural flavours.
    Pairs well with anything hot off the summer grill, including seafood
    3.2% alc./vol.
    Available for summer only.

  • Rickard's Red IPA™

    Legend suggests the distinct taste of India Pale Ale was born from necessity, with hops helping preserve the ale during its inaugural voyage from England to India in the 1700’s. As the style caught on, soon more than 9,000 barrels were being exported each year.

    Rickard’s Red IPA at a glance:

    Distinct hop character of an IPA with rich malty notes
    A harmony of bitter and sweet in a deep ruby hue
    Alc/vol: 5.7%


  • Rickard's Red Session Lager™

    With Rickard’s Red Session Lager our brewers blend their signature Munich Malt with a balanced array of hops to deliver a unique brew that’s both rich and refreshing. Light beer. Uncompromising flavour. The best of both worlds, in a deep ruby hue that can only be Rickard’s.

    Rickard’s Red Session Lager at a glance:

    A refreshing light malt character with an overlay of clean hop bitterness.
    Light ruby hue that is characteristically Rickard’s
    Alc/vol: 4.0%